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Universal I/O Gateway for CAN and CANopen Systems from Can + Automotion

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article image CANio 500 Universal I/O gateway for CAN and CANopen systems

Can + Automotion  offers the new CANio 500 from IXXAT, a flexible I/O gateway for easy and quick connection of analogue and digital input/ output signals to CAN and CANopen systems.  

CANio 500 universal I/O gateways find application in experimental setups, component test stands or vehicles. The device is also suitable for mobile and industrial applications.  

The inputs and outputs for digital and analogue signals in the device can be configured flexibly. The device has four analogue inputs and outputs each with a 12-bit resolution.  

The analogue inputs are available with different voltage ranges as well as with differential input circuits or current inputs. The output voltage range can be individually programmed in the working range of -10V to +10V for each analogue output.  

Correspondingly, the device has four digital inputs and outputs. The output voltage range can be freely selected within a wide range while the switching threshold of the inputs automatically adjusts according to the selected voltage range. The outputs are short circuit-protected.  

Device operability within CANopen and basic CAN systems was a key focus area during the development of the CANio 500.  

Consequently, the universal I/O gateway was designed as a self-starting CANopen slave with all important parameters such as Node-ID or sampling rates for the analogue inputs stored as default values on the device.  

This enables the device to start its operation directly after start-up without requiring any further settings, allowing operation in basic CAN systems.  

CANio 500 can be customised for different applications by uploading the configuration data via a CANopen master. The CANio 500 combines different I/O functions in a single device.

CANio 500 universal I/O gateway device is also suitable for mobile applications with features such as a large power supply voltage range from 6V to 32V, robust aluminium housing as well as a temperature range between -40ºC and +70ºC.  

The device is also available in a DIN rail case for use in industrial environments.

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