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Specific slip ring systems and contactless rotary joints, Schleifring intelligent and transmission systems ensure the reliable transfer of power, electrical signals, bus data or media.

Available in 3 sizes, popular G series: G200, G300 and G400 are developed with different modules designed according to requirements.

Modules are designed using one of the three technologies to achieve certain transmission design parameters:

Precision alloys and plated contact bands, Gold-On-Gold Technology delivers exceptional transmission of electrical data
  • Intelligent compact design and contact reliability
  • Good cross-talk attenuation and minimal electrical noise interference
  • Long product life and reliable corrosion resilience
Effective contact, silver brushes and solid silver bands offer low electrical noise and transmission quality of sensitive signals
  • High performance transmission of sensitive signals and data at high rotation speeds
  • Low electrical noise and maintains dependable contact
Customisable Metal-Graphite Technology for specific life spans, environments and rotation speeds
  • Quality signal and data transmission for high rotational speeds
  • Reliable product longevity in cylindrical and pancake systems
High speed data protocols, Schleifring slip rings suit CAN Bus, Profibus, ASIBus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Industrial EtherNet such as EtherNet IP, EtherCAT, Profinet, SERCOS etc. G series is available in IP54 rating and F series is available in IP65 rating.

CAN Automotion enhance Rotary Unions from Rotary Systems Inc with Schleifring slip rings to develop rotary union slip ring assembly that handle power, signal, data and fluid media

Single and multiple passages for different media types and application parameters such as speed, pressure and operating conditions.

Increasing demands and higher data speeds for transmission across rotary interfaces using fiber optics Schleifring presents Plastic and Glass Fiber rotary joints. FORJ are offered in single-mode (SM) or multi-mode (MM)

Single-Channel Multi-Mode for contactless, bi-directional transmission of the highest data rates
  • Glass fibers with core diameters of 62.5 µm and 50 µm
  • Best suited for wavelengths of 850 nm and 1310 nm
Single-Channel Single-Mode For the contactless transmission of the highest data rates
  • Bi-directional data transmission
  • Single-mode glass fibers
  • Wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1625 nm
Multi-Channel Multi-Mode supports any data format
  • Analog data transmission
  • Insertion attenuation 3.5 dB
  • Outside dimensions without cable connection: 155 mm long and only 60 mm in diameter
Passive rotary connection Multi-Channel Single-Mode for up to 32 Channels and more if required
  • Supports practically every data format
  • For analog data transmission
  • Insertion attenuation < 3.5 dB
  • Back reflection: -40 dB (typical)
Rotary Systems also makes Slip Ring assemblies which can be supplied as integrated assemblies designed according to applications. CAN Automotion information and contact details

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