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PS-Moldmaker CAD CAM system from Camplex

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PS-Moldmaker CAD CAM systems from Camplex produce the tooling for complex plastic injection and blow-moulded products. It incorporates the Die Wizard, which automatically recognises split lines and produces two solid die blocks with quality runoff surfaces even on complex parts.

Machining information is automatically encapsulated within PS-Moldmaker CAD CAM systems’ design, which automates the machining process in PowerMILL.

Features of PS-Moldmaker CAD CAM tool:

  • Web technology which allows easy extension and customization of catalogs
  • The Die Wizard automates the process of core-cavity splitting and creation of die inserts or cavity impressions
  • Custom mould-bases for large, non-standard moulds
  • Automatic update of bill of materials as the design develops, including automatic ballooning
  • A capacity to build an associative assembly model that allows the mould opening to be dynamically visualised
  • Generation of associative drawings through PS-Draft Analysis tools such as dynamic sectioning, scale-to-volume and wall thickness measurement used in the design of the mould
  • Die Wizard allows users to exit the process, make manual changes to the model and then recommence the splitting process
  • Slide Wizard leads users through the extraction of the side-cores and modelling of the slide mechanisms
  • Mould base wizard rapidly builds an assembly of the main tool

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