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Metalsa Delivers High Quality Auto Components with Camplex Software and Hardware

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article image Parts Inspection and Verification with Camplex Tools

Component supplier to the car industry, Metalsa meets the high quality standards set by its automotive clients with the help of Camplex software and hardware solutions.   

Camplex is a leading supplier of technology solutions for the design, manufacture, inspection, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping of complex shapes and tooling.  

Metalsa’s parent company in Mexico is also engaged in producing automotive components such as chassis components, support structures and suspension structures.  

Located on a large industrial site in Cheltenham, Victoria, Metalsa has been a consistent supplier to all Australian car manufacturers including Toyota, GM-Holden’s and Ford.  

Robert Nastasi, Metalsa’s quality engineer has been part of the process of providing these car companies with quality parts since 1998.  

Toyota is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality standards and processes and it is Natashi’s job to ensure that Metalsa meets those standards without fail.  

Natashi and Metalsa have been using Camplex supplied software and hardware in the form of PowerSHAPE, PowerINSPECT and the Baces3D portable measuring arm.  

Developed as a solution for Metalsa’s parts verification work, the portable Baces3D arm is used for measuring and evaluating the components to show up discrepancies.  

Natashi has been using PowerINSPECT and PowerSHAPE for 7 years and finds the tools very flexible, allowing them to work with the different formats that the manufacturers use.  

Natashi uses PowerSHAPE to transfer and work on the files sent by manufacturers.  

PowerSHAPE enables quality engineers to interact with 3D design and work with wireframe building blocks, complex b-spline curves, totally freeform surfaces, associative solids and triangle STL models among various formats.  

All these formats are supported within one single software package allowing engineers the flexibility to use the most appropriate tools for each task.  

Metalsa makes and supplies more than 60 components for the Toyota Camry vehicle including under-body and shell components. Each component must pass from Toyota’s system to the Metalsa system before manufacturing, trialling and verification can begin.  

Being an extensive process, it is vital for the company to employ a system that completes the process as quickly and as easily as possible.  

Trialling of parts is done at various stages with targets to be met at every stage. As a component passes through these stages it must be accurate enough to meet Toyota’s exacting standards.  

The increased demand for inspecting parts and tools a multiple number of times in multiple places within the chain requires software products that can be used on a variety of different inspection hardware platforms including manual CMMs, CNC CMMs, inspection arms and optical MMs.  

Metalsa has chosen the Baces3D portable measuring arm for its verification process for two key reasons: the cost effectiveness of the system and the backup provided by Camplex.  

Natashi says that verification with the software and using the Baces3D arm can take between 30 minutes for simple parts to 2 hours for components that are complex shapes or very large.  

After Metalsa’s components move through all the stages and pass verification at each, the last stage is trial fitment by Toyota to a car. If the part meets Toyota’s parameters, it moves into the manufacturing phase at Metalsa.  

PowerINSPECT is preferred by Metalsa because it delivers a complete CAD-based inspection solution.  

Key features include: 

  • Superior to traditional 2D inspection methods
  • Capability to inspect against all CAD data with most measurement devices including manual and CNC CMMs, portable arms, optical measuring devices and CNC machine tools
  • On-screen feedback and detailed graphical displays provide immediate feedback for each measured point
  • Inspection reports can be generated automatically in a customised format to include pictorial, tabulated and statistical data

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