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Campbell Scientific provides a range of weather sensors, water sensors and industrial sensors to suit many applications, from basic temperature right through to research grade CO2 sensors.

Heavy Duty Sensors Systems

The specific sensors from Campbell Scientific include:

  • Air temperature sensors
  • Baromatic pressure sensors
  • Conductivity sensors
  • Dissolved oxygen sensors
  • Distance sensors
  • Duff moisture sensors
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Electrical current sensors
  • Electrical field sensors
  • Global positioning sensors
  • Leaf wetness sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • ph/ORP sensors
  • Precipitation sensors
  • Soil heat flux sensors
  • Soil/water temperature sensors
  • Soil water potential sensors
  • Solar sensors
  • Solar Radiation Sensors
  • Radiation sensors
  • Surface temperature sensors
  • Automation Sensors
  • Wind Direction Sensors
  • Air velocity sensors
  • Air Quality Sensors, Air Sensors
  • Water level sensors, stage and flow sensors

The  weather sensors, water sensors and industrial sensors are designed for long term installation under adverse environmental conditions, ideal for the hard Australian climate. Common sensor outputs include - voltage, pulse, SDI-12, RS-232, or 4-20 mA, allowing you to customise your system to suit you. All sensors are compatible with Campbell data loggers.

  • Campbell Scientific
  • RM Young
  • Apogee
  • Licor
  • Vaisala
  • MetOne
  • Windsonic

Campbell Scientific Industrial Sensors for Temperature Control

  • Hydrological - Water Temp, Ph, D/O, Pressure, Shaft Encoders 
  • Geotechniocal - Strain Gauges, Virbrating Wire Interfaces
  • Meteorology - Air Temp, RH, Wind Speed and Direction, Barometric Pressure, Rainfall
  • Agricultural - Soil Temp, Soil Moisture / Volumetric Water Content, Soil Heat Flux
Campbell Scientific also offer a full range of sensors for recording temperature and weather patterns.For more infomation visit their website. Campbell Scientific Aust information and contact details

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06/04/09 - A flood warning system configured around a Campbell Scientific data logger offers a solution which can be scaled from a single monitoring point to an integrated network of hundreds of stations, allowing users to monitor flood-prone regions and respond accordingly.
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