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Simple water management tools from Campbell Scientific Aust

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article image Water management - Hydrosense portable soil moisture meters

In much of Australia, control of access to water for irrigation has become much tighter, and the associated cost of this water has increased significantly. Efficient water management is becoming more and more important for both environmental and fiscal reasons.

Implementing a more efficient approach to water management does not need to be complicated or expensive. All that’s required are simple, reliable water management tools which help you make an informed opinion on how to manage water resources. Campbell Scientific Aust offer measurement systems used worldwide for water management in the agriculture and research sectors. Automated weather stations can give an indication of short or long term weather trends as well as calculated water loss to the atmosphere (evapotranspiration). These stations can also be configured to measure soil moisture directly and monitor crop condition.

Add a radio module to each station and measurement data can be transmitted back to a central office without the need to visit the stations. One computer can then display up to date information on current water content and usage. Add a cell phone module to allow SMS alerts to be sent when water levels are low or when there is a risk of frost.

For smaller water management operations the Hydrosense portable soil moisture meter is a great tool for on the spot moisture measurements where a full weather station is not practical. The meter is easy to use, affordable and can run for two years on two AAA batteries.

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