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Data Communications Equipment
Campbell Scientific offers a range of communications and telemetry technology and solutions. These include:
  • Radio UHF/VUF and Spread Spectrum Telephone (land line, digital cellular, and voice synthesized)
  • Ethernet
  • Internet Communications (SMS, FTP, EMAIL)
  • Short Haul Modems Multidrop Interface (coaxial cable)
  • Satellite Communications

Transfer your data easily and quickly using Campbell Scientific communications and telemetry equipment.

Internet and Ethernet Communications Equipment
There is a range of communications recievers, communication devices, communication systems and communication and telemetry devices to suit your data transfer and data communications requirements, from landline to satellite, designed for long term and remote applications, radio communications systems, data radios, satellite communications, Internet communications and ethernet communications. 

Data can be sent from the logger to your base P.C via the communications option of your choice, saving you time and money on costly onsite visits.

To determine the best options for your site and data communications requirements, you can contact Campbell Scientific Aust to discuss your communications requirements.

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07/04/09 - Campbell Scientific have released NL120 Ethernet module, which allows either a CR1000 or CR3000 data logger to communicate over a local network or a dedicated Internet connection through TCP/IP.
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06/04/09 - A flood warning system configured around a Campbell Scientific data logger offers a solution which can be scaled from a single monitoring point to an integrated network of hundreds of stations, allowing users to monitor flood-prone regions and respond accordingly.
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03/04/09 - The DOT600 roadbed water content meters, available from Campbell Scientific, are used in construction applications to measure volumetric and gravimetric water content of samples of earthen material in
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30/03/09 - The Campbell Scientific Aust CR1000 and CR211 data loggers employed at the Coomera Waters project use the Pakbus communication protocol to communicate by three separate radio networks. The data routed from the CR211 data loggers to the CR1000 data loggers is then made available to a Department of Natural Resources’ central PC through GSM modem connection. Multiple samples or data have been collected and Department of Natural Resources will identify the characteristics of the WSUD facilities at Coomera Waters.
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24/03/09 - According to Campbell Scientific Aust, monitoring and managing surface and ground water resources is an important task for government. Increasing pressures on water resources due to drought and climat
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