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Pressure reducing valves from Calorex

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Calorex , established in 1934, manufacture automatic flow control valves for water, oil, gas and steam. Calorex was initially engaged in the oil firing of boilers and in the supply and manufacture of steam plant equipment and controls. Now, Calorex manufactures and supplies pressure reducing valves.

Pressure reducing valves are used in industrial, commercial, water supply, mining, irrigation, sewerage and water treatment applications.

The ROMA FM1 pressure reducing valve is a direct-acting, single seated, diaphragm controlled and spring regulated valve. Reduced pressure acting upon the diaphragm controls the opening and closing of the valve against flow in accordance with the regulating spring setting. ROMA FM1 pressure reducing valve is suitable for drop-tight installations of water, air, gas, oil and chemical services.

Calorex offers a new product called stainless steel pressure regulator which is manufactured from complete stainless steel material. The valve is ideal for controlling pressures of a variety of fluids and is available from 8 to 50 millimetres in screwed and flanged models. Stainless steel pressure regulator valves can be used for various ranges of pressure control applications and are available with BSP, NPT and flanged connections

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