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Print Centre and Kits from Cabel Labels

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Cabel Labels  offers many new products which include Print centre, Kits and Database Conversion Services.

Print centre offers standard and custom printed cable labels or makes them according to the design required by the customers. Cabel Labels offers print cable label from customer's file if there is cable data in a database, exelsheet or in any other files and if there is need to print cable label then the options are offered such as to print using data from the user file and user specific cable label layout.

Cabel Labels has introduced new product kits which provide solutions to a specific problem. The kits offered from Cabel Labels are utilized in various fields such as software and labels, special solutions and systems.

Various kinds of Kits are available for different usages which includes DOS starter, Basic project and SOF project, high security, rush job kits.

DOS starter kits are basic legacy kit which helps the customers to sample cable labels(DOS print only software labels). Contents of the kit are DOS print only software, 100 type A, White cables. The basic project kit offers complete database and cable labels which is suitable for Labeling only. This kit contains Database system W3CLDB/P, 1000 Type A, White cables.

High security kits are used for discreet, security-based, confidential projects which requires cable identification, documentation and schematic support. High security kits contains database systems, white cables, Cable labels printed in pairs using particular numbers. High security kits are used in creating database adding cable data and print the cable labels.

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