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Digital multimeter and data logger

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article image User-friendly DMM.

A HIGH quality digital multimeter incorporating a stand-alone data logger, which is high speed, and truly mobile, is available from CABAC .

Safe and very user friendly, no computer is required to data-log signals anytime, anywhere, up to 500,000 times.

The unit is ideal for professional use in industrial electrical applications when fault detecting and finding is required.

The true rms function measures the true value regardless of waveforms, and is rated at Cat.II and Cat.III which allows for maximum 1000V ac/dc protection.

This model is shock and splash proof, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. eg: mining, marine, and heavy industry.

The unit is extremely accurate (0.02%) and has a high-count rate for quick reading.

The ability to interface a current transformer allows the meter to data log current up to 2000A ac/dc.

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