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An intelligent and comprehensive range of gas, VOC and radiation detection instruments from RAE systems ensure precision measurement for rapid real-time safety and security control.

Integrated globally into a number of industrial, oil and gas, emergency as well as military and defense operations, RAE Systems are high performance for ultimate safety, security and protection of your assets.

Portable Multi Threat Monitors MultiRAE Family integrated with wireless modem

  • Versatile and customisable to suit specific conditions
  • Multiple alarm features including Man Down with real-time remote wireless notification
  • Pumped and diffusion models available with over 30 interchangeable sensors
  • MIL-STD-810F compliant and AutoRAE 2 automated calibration and bump testing

Personal single-gas monitors ToxiRAE PRO Family

  • Continuous access to readings anytime, anywhere with ProRAE Guardian Wireless Safety System and EchoView Portable Controller
  • Compact and lightweight yet highly durable with IP54 and IP65 rating
  • Man Down and 4 local instrument alarms with wireless remote alarm transmission
  • High powered for 3 months continuous data logging

MiniRAE3000 integrated with patented PID Sensor technology

  • Intelligent PID Sensors offer 3 second rapid response, up to 15,000ppm range and humidity compensation
  • Immediate data control with real-time transmission using integrated RF modem or Bluetooth
  • Simple lamp and sensor maintenance with tool free access
  • Easy operation with clear graphics, screen operation and flash light contained within a hard wearing casing

Advanced compact and lightweight design UltraRAE 3000 Benzene and Compound-Specific VOC Monitor

  • Hazardous petrochemical identification and instrumental response tool
  • Highly intelligent 15 minute benzene STEL and real-time measuring with recording
  • Very versatile while remaining simple to operate

Automatic test and calibration system AutoRAE 2

  • Effective and simple with modular system that once fitted to specific cradle unit automatically calibrates, tests and charges monitors
  • Highly flexible system that is easily configured to suit individual calibration requirements
  • Record management with storage on SD card as well as direct printer connectivity

Mobile Command Centre intelligence ProRAE Guardian software

  • Safety and control with real time data relay from RAE Systems AreaRAE family and selected third party wireless devices
  • Instant integrated map displays information on device status, alarm and sensor reading
  • Simultaneously monitor up to 500 units and allows multiple sites to view the same map display

Pushing product innovation with proven detection technology, RAE has over 11 years of dedicated experience and 18 issued and pending patents.

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