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Comprehensive with trusted Honeywell design, BW Technologies portable gas detection instruments ensure safety with leading technology.

Advanced sensor technology and proven performance provide peerless detection of toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. Detectors are enhanced with valuable features for easier and intuitive operation.

Continuous maintenance-free protection GasAlert Clip Extreme

  • Reliable, continuous single gas detection with two or three year options
  • Designed for simplicity requiring no calibration, replacement sensor or batter and charging
  • Compatible with Honeywell MicroDock II automatic test system
  • Integrated with automatic event logging

A complete versatile safety investment with GasAlert Extreme

  • Effectively monitors single gas hazard within range of available toxic gas models
  • Real-time readings on large LCD with precision recording using secure datalogging option
  • Extensive operating power with two year field-replaceable battery and sensor
  • Automatic test calibration with MicroDock II
  • Full function self-test of sensor, battery status, circuit integrity and audible/visual alarms on start up
  • Vibrant wide-angled visual alarm bars, integrated concussion-proof boot and water resilient design

Multi-gas GasAlert Microclip XT for atmospheric hazard protection

  • Slim, compact and lightweight for comfort
  • Multi-gas versatility with simple one-button design for reduced errors and training requirements
  • Exclusive BW Technologies intelligent easy-to-navigate interface
  • Reliable operation and visual compliance with IntelliFlash
  • Easy testing using MicroDock II compatibility

Four gas detection and reliable compliance with GasAlert Quattro

  • Ensuring compliance and operation with IntelliFlash
  • Simple single button operation with operator options of flip display and IR interface
  • Easy visual auditing with clear identifiable icons
  • High visibility with LCD display on all four gas concentrations at once
  • Premium sensor technology with Surecell
  • Suitable with MicroDock II automated test and calibration system

Versatile capabilities Micro 5 detects up to five gases

  • Designed water resistant and with integral concussion-proof boot
  • Remote sampling motorized pump option
  • Efficiently powered with three AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable battery pack
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alarms with four levels and self-testing on activation

Compatible with MicroDock II Automatic Test and Calibration Station

  • Automated calibration, bump testing, charging and recording with MicroDock II
  • Simple compliance maintenance by controlling and recording records
  • Efficient design with one AC outlet supporting up to six modules
  • Numerous MicroDock II systems can be connected via a LAN
  • Includes Fleet Manager data analysis software

Industrial strength Max XTII Multi-Gas Detectors

  • Intelligent motorised SmartSample pump for remote sampling even in confined spaces
  • Intuitive and easy with one button operation
  • Fully compatible with MicroDock II dock system

Leading quality, safety and gas detection intelligence, BW Technologies by Honeywell high performance products are committed to delivering solutions with support and training services.

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