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The new Type mxCONTROL 8620 multi-parameter controller from Bürkert

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The Type mxCONTROL 8620 is a new multi-parameter controller available from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is designed to regulate the control of process variables within a water treatment system.  

The mxCONTROL aims to cut down controller and instrument expenses by as much as fifty per cent. The 8620 incorporates the following features into one compact unit:

  • Control
  • Display
  • Monitoring;and
  • Data and event logging functions.   

As a result Bürkert’s mxCONTROL 8620 is the ideal multi-parameter controller for primary water treatment applications such as boiler systems and cooling towers, or ancillary processes in the mining, manufacturing and general industries.  

The mxCONTROL 8620 system can be easily configured and boasts seamless integration into countless chemical or skid control applications.  

The controller is easily configured to display:

  • Transmit and record flow
  • Pressure
  • pH/ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • O2
  • O3
  • Cl2
  • Level ;and
  • Temperature.  

Sophisticated electronics and control algorithms ensure that the mxCONTROL 8620 system is able to process as many as twenty Input/Output processes simultaneously (model dependent) with minimal operator intervention.  

Chris Hoey of Bürkert Australia explains the controller’s parameterisation and application selection have been simplified by the standard SD card interface.  

The mxCONTROL 8620 multi-parameter systems offers uninterrupted online monitoring and process control in order to achieve the highest degree of precision, improved reliability and QA reporting required by today’s demanding water treatment systems.

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