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Micro flipper solenoid valve

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article image Burkert’s micro solenoid valve.

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THE micro solenoid valve type 6603/6604 released by Burkert has a unique flipper designed actuating mechanism that operates an isolating diaphragm which separates the actuator itself and the coil from the fluid.

No friction, no risk of sticking and a strong and rugged diaphragm provide a high reliability and long service life.

The valve has a minimal internal volume that is easily purged. No cross-contamination occurs and the control of critical fluids is possible.

Heat transfer is virtually eliminated as the coil is not directly in contact with the diaphragm. A high accuracy and the control of critical fluids are possible.

With the 10mm micro valve with separating diaphragm smaller, lighter and more complex analytical instruments can be designed.

The valves are ideal for compact manifold mounting. Custom manifolds are available to satisfy specific application requirements, including dead volume free designs.

Applications for the micro flipper solenoid valve include medical and bio technology; analytical instruments; disinfectants and solvents; strong acid and bases; and oxidising solutions.

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