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Digital inductive conductivity transmitter

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THE conductivity transmitter type 8226 from Burkert compactly combines a conductivity sensor and a transmitter with display in splash-proof plastic IP65 housing.

The sensor component consists of a pair of magnetic coils in a PVDF or PEEK housing.

In order to measure conductivity, an ac voltage source is connected to the primary magnetic coil. The magnetic field induced generates a current in the secondary magnetic coil. The intensity of the induced current is a direct function of the conductivity of the solution.

The integrated temperature sensor for automatic compensation is a standard feature in the sensor housing.

The transducer component converts the measured signal and displays the actual value. The transducer functions in a 3-wire circuit and requires a power supply of 12-30V dc.

A 4-20mA standard signal is available as output signal, proportional to the conductivity or the temperature of the fluid. The setpoint values of the relays are freely adjustable.

A wide range of stainless steel, brass and plastic fittings are available.

The unit is unsensitive against polluted fluids and both PEEK/PPA versions are available for CIP applications.

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