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Strong competition for fieldbus systems is Industrial Ethernet. The strongest representatives here are Ethernet-IP, PROFINET, Modbus-TCP and EtherCAT. Compared to conventional fieldbus systems, Industrial Ethernet offers additional opportunities in large and highly automated factories:

- Real-time data can be transmitted virtually simultaneously over a common medium.

- Integration of almost unlimited number of nodes with equal rights is possible.

- Large-area networks and efficient transmission of extensive data quantities can be realized.

- Various transmission media can be combined.

Bürkert’s broad MFC/MFM product range offers the adequate solution for all industry requirements: analogue and digital communication based on RS232 / RS485, as well as all standard fieldbus interfaces and industrial Ethernet standards.

Mass Flow Controllers/Mass Flow Metres are compact devices that control the mass flow of gases. They control a pre-set flow rate reference value – regardless of disturbance variables such as pressure fluctuations or temporary occurring flow resistances, e. g. as a result of filter dirt. MFC/MFMs consist of the following components: flow sensor, electronics (with signal processing, regulation and valve control functions) and a solenoid control valve as an actuator. The reference value setting is made electrically via analogue signal or fieldbus. With its easy installation, the compact structure of the MFC/MFMs ensures the convenient operation of a complete (closed) control loop. 

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