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Bürkert is ideally situated to solve hygienic processing needs. A large portion of their German-manufactured fluid control product range has been specially designed for hygienic and sanitary processes, ranging from food and beverage through to ultra-pure medical and pharmaceutical applications.  

Bürkert’s local Australian engineers are conversant in material specifications and finishes, as well as certifications and approvals. Working with their project team, a regional network of hygienic processing experts can support you in upgrading processes or developing new plant lines with specification, design, system build and commissioning solutions.  

All hygienic processing valves, sensors and control systems are designed for washdown areas and inline CIP. Smooth, clean design, high-level IP65/67 ingress protection plus internal air and process channels support longevity and trouble-free operation in harsh hygienic processing environments.

Bürkert valves for hygienic processes
Bürkert’s valves for hygienic processes are offered in grades to suit ancillary lines and main processes in food and beverage, dairy, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and ultra-pure systems.

Valves are designed to minimise dead leg volumes with smart designs. Mechanical and electropolishing to various standard (and any custom) polish level helps maintain sanitary conditions. Valves are available with fully traceable materials and certificates.

Bürkert valves for hygienic processes
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Multiport and block manifold configurations
  • Robolux valves (extremely small footprint, no dead volume)
  • Butterfly valves
  • Polished angle seat and globe valves
  • All with clamp, weld (or threaded) connections
Actuation options are on/off or proportional, with pneumatic or electric power. Positioners integrate directly to all valve options and include options for process control with on-board PID and mathematical functions.

Bürkert sensors for hygienic processes
Bürkert has developed sensors specialised for use in food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Sensors have smooth clean lines, IP65/67 protection (some IP68), with configuration for inline CIP where appropriate. Certifications including FDA, EHEDG and IEC Ex or ATEX support integration with your company’s compliance requirements.

Bürkert sensors for hygienic processes
  • IP65/67 flowmeters - paddle wheel, mag flow or ultrasonic
  • Level sensors - ultrasonic, guided microwave, radar including IEC Ex
  • Pressure and temperature sensors for hygienic processes
  • Analysis chemistry sensors that support inline CIP/SIP and washdown
Complete solutions for hygienic processing
Bürkert has extensive Australian experience working with their products for hygienic processing, to develop and build turnkey solutions.  Dairy, CIP, SIP, softdrink, fruit drink, ingredient, medi-chemical, blood product, bio-chemical, brewery and winery processes have all been designed, built and commissioned by Bürkert in Australia.

Using products designed to integrate easily and Bürkert iValve (Innovative Valve Automation) scalable solution network package, Bürkert has delivered complete systems to some of Australia’s most recognised processing names.  

Fusing these German-manufactured fluid control technologies, Bürkert’s local Australian engineers and project team design, build and commission complete hygienic processing solutions. Comprising electrical, programming and mechanical specialists, Bürkert’s project team has extensive experience working with major food, beverage and bio/pharma systems.  

Sterile pH sensor – unbreakable and long calibration intervals

Bürkert’s Type 8201 pH measuring system for hygienic processing is CIP compatible, in-line sterilisable and extremely robust. The sensor is glass-free, rather constructed with enamelled ceramic, giving it’s unbreakable characteristics.  
  • Measures pH 0 .. 12
  • Media to 140°C and -1 .. 6 bar
  • IP68 ingress protection
  • Sensor extremely smooth enamel/ceramic construction
In one field test, customer Müller Milch (Europe's largest dairy) tested this pH system against competitor units and their own lab.  Only this probe, Bürkert’s Type 8201, was passed for service.

Highlights of the field test:
  • Used in whey treatment process
  • Competitor pH system needed cleaning and calibration weekly
  • Competitor probes replaces frequently
  • Bürkert pH system 8201 calibrated on set up only
  • Checked after 8 weeks – accuracy and electrode condition perfect
  • Probe was not replaced in 1 year test, remained highly accurate
  • Only Bürkert’s pH system Type 8201 (with Type 8285 transmitter) passed for use
For experience, accuracy, and effortless ongoing operation, contact Bürkert for your hygienic process products and system solutions. Burkert Fluid Control Systems information and contact details


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