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BULKEX 2006 shows the future is still bright

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2006 will be a good year for those in bulk materials handling. BULKEX 2006 , the bulk materials handling exhibition, will be the focus for all of those involved in the trade, from designers through suppliers, to end-users. It will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from September 25-27, 2006.

The signs are all there for a continued healthy bulk materials handling sector: mining on all scales is expanding; demand for raw materials from China will not ebb in the foreseeable future; agricultural produce is experiencing record exports and growth in infrastructure investment with considerable government support for ports, roads, rail and inter-modal terminals.

This has led to increased research and development into new technologies for streamlining and improving operations and this demand will continue to grow.

The slickest operators, the best informed, the technologically developed and the dynamic forward thinkers are the ones who will make the most out of current highs. BULKEX 2006 will be a forum for the exchange of competitive technologies and the latest techniques, the place to meet and do business to ensure the successes of 2006 continues.

The three-day exhibition will be complemented by a conference and further networking functions, providing a broad range of opportunities in sourcing suppliers, growing sales opportunities, networking with current and future partners, learning about new innovations and finding out about the latest legislation.

Held every two years, BULKEX is the focal point in the bulk handling calendar with in excess of 3000 visitors and over 100 exhibitors.

BULKEX 2006 will be a springboard for growth and business in 2007. It will be an essential opportunity for those in the business to keep up-to-date with competitors and customers and to ensure that they will continue to forge ahead in this exciting future.

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