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SW 1100 4kw Turbowash hot spray wash machines from Bulbeck EnviroSolutions

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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions ' SW 1100 hot spray wash machines are automatic parts cleaning systems designed to increase productivity by eliminating the down time associated with cleaning parts manually.

These hot spray wash machines operate using the same principle as a household dishwasher, and are top loading for ease of access as well as easy cleaning. Cleaning products is as simple as placing them in the internal basket, closing the lid and pushing the start button.

The machines use water and biodegradable detergent to clean, providing an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to manual cleaning.

They are capable of cleaning almost any component, including:
  • small parts such as nuts, bolts, plastic or rubber seals, washers and bearings
  • alloy components
  • transmissions
  • brake and clutch parts
  • engine blocks
  • complete engines; and
  • electrical components such as armatures, stators and rotors.
SW 1100 4kw Turbowash hot wash machines also offer a range of safety features such as automatic water control with mains control for element protection, and a safety interlock switch to shut the machine down when the lid is open.

Additional features include:
  • reduced running costs and noise level due to full insulation
  • reduced Labour costs and improved productivity
  • maximum cleaning efficiency without the need for hazardous chemicals
  • environmentally friendly operation
  • work flow side tables; and
  • a hot water pressure cleaning gun.

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