Spill Kits and Sorbents for Oil and Chemical Spills from BulBeck EnviroSolutions


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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions offers a comprehensive range of products and services to support spill control, containment and clean up requirements:
  • Spill Response Kits
  • Oil Spill Containment Booms
  • Chemical Absorbents
  • Oil Absorbents
  • Oil Recovery Skimmer Systems
  • Drain Protection Seals
  • Spill Response Training
  • Spill Response Site Audits

Emergency Oil and Chemical Spill Kits and Spill Sorbents

  • Emergency Response Spill Kits are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit specific requirements
  • Bulbeck have spill kits available for oil and chemical spills
  • Designed to enable personnel to respond quickly to a spill incident
  • Helps companies comply with their environmental Duty of Care

Floor Sweep Multipurpose Oil Absorbents

  • A premium, multipurpose absorbent for oil and hydrocarbon spills
  • Made from a combination of cellulose fibres
  • This oil absorbent has a very fast wicking action, absorbing oil and fuels spills rapidly leaving little residue behind

Zeosorb Floor Sweep Multipurpose Oil Absorbents

  • Multipurpose absorbent for oil and hydrocarbon spills
  • Made from zeolite
  • This oil spill floor sweep is a naturally occurring absorbent product from New Zealand
  • Has a large, negative charged, internal surface area that enables it to trap and retain liquids, odours and vapours for safe disposal
  • A clean and environmentally friendly oil absorbent that will quickly absorb a wide range of liquid including:
    • Petroleum
    • Oils
    • Fuels
    • Solvents
    • Cooking oils
    • Sewage
    • Protein fluids

Bulbeck EnviroSolutions will audit sites, train managers and staff, supply product and provide ongoing service and support.

All spill recovery absorbent products are available for immediate dispatch.

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03/11/11 - As part of a new growth strategy, Bulbeck EnviroSolutions has announced that it has registered a number of its products with the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign.
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16/02/11 - Magnum 600 oil recovery skimmers from BulBeck EnviroSolutions are selective oil skimmers designed to remove oil spills from water. The Magnum 600 is an open water skimmer that features 36” drums.
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15/02/11 - Spill control solutions from Bulbeck EnviroSolutions include the Maximax oil spill containment booms designed for rapid deployment and oil containment in a variety of operations.
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