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ShoreMax Oil Spill Containment Booms from Bulbeck EnviroSolutions

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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions  offers a diverse range of oil spill containment solutions that can be quickly deployed to meet multiple applications in various water bodies.  

ShoreMax oil spill containment booms are a range of special purpose oil spill booms designed for use in shallow water environments or to transverse between the beach and the sea.  

The oil spill containment booms feature a water ballasted skirt consisting of two bladders joined by a perforated bulkhead, which makes this boom useful on shorelines, coastal marshes, beaches and swamps.  

Especially effective in areas subjected to tidal fluctuation, the oil containment booms feature an inflatable (or foam-filled) buoyancy chamber, which allows the boom to function like a conventional curtain boom in deep water.  

ShoreMax oil spill containment booms offer benefits such as design ingenuity and product quality to guarantee customer satisfaction.  

Key features of ShoreMax oil spill containment booms: 

  • All containment booms carry a two-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship
  • All booms have filament reinforced welded end seams
  • Ballast chains are bolted to resist boom wear
  • Tension cables are sheathed in vinyl
  • Containment booms also feature international standard end connectors
  • Height: 61cm
  • Freeboard: 31cm
  • Section length:15.2m
  • Boom fabric: Urethane coated polyester
  • Boom weight: 36kg/15.2m section
  • Storage volume: 0.34m³/section
  • Connector type: Universal or ASTM ‘Z’ 

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