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Reduce mining industry workshop labour costs with Bulbeck parts cleaning solutions

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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions  manufactures a wide range of parts cleaning machines and spill control products for industrial workshops. The company supplies products, services and knowledge in the areas of workshop labour aids and environmental compliance, while helping to reduce the total cost of running a productive heavy industry workshop facility.

Running a mining industry workshop involves hidden costs that are never or very rarely identified. Parts cleaning is a non-productive but essential task, which demands valuable labour time. A cleaning solution will only be effective if it is ‘fit for purpose’. Parts cleaning machines, available in a variety of configurations and sizes need to be placed specific to the needs of the elected workshop area to allow for more productive work to be carried out by personnel.

Spill control and management is not prioritised by many heavy industry workshops, resulting in lack of clarity on the valuable time spent by personnel cleaning up small spills. The correct placement and use of specifically tailored spill kits with associated training and scheduled spill kit servicing will greatly reduce valuable labour time. Using absorbent rolls, for instance will not only positively impact output but also improve the overall cleanliness of the work area.

Workshops should have a comprehensive audit carried out by competent and trained professionals to identify areas for improvement that assist with overall workshop cost reduction.

Bulbeck EnviroSolutions is registered with the Australia Made and Australia Grown campaign.

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