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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions provides a range of Marine Spill Control products including:
  • Containment Booms
  • Oil Skimmers
  • Portable Multipurpose Vacuum Tankers

Marine Oil Spill Containment and Control Equipment
Bulbeck EnviroSolutions' Oil Spill Containment Booms are high quality and exceed customer expectations for:

  • Offshore
  • Near shore
  • Fast current rivers
  • Calm waters

Oil Spill Containment and Recovery Systems
Oil Spill Booms

  • 2 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship
  • Bulbeck’s spill booms have filament reinforced welded end seams
  • Ballast chains are bolted to resist boom wear
  • Tension cables are sheathed in vinyl and feature international standard end connectors
  • Bulbeck’s high quality oil spill containment booms continue to exceed customer expectations

Oil Spill Recovery Skimmers

  • Bulbeck’s range of Oil Recovery Skimmers are selective oil skimmers designed to remove oil spills from the water
  • These oil skimmers are available in a range of sizes and in pneumatic or hydraulic drive for oil spill response or industrial use
  • Its shallow draft and light weight design make these oil skimmers ideal for clean up in creeks, rivers and lakes
  • Designed to recover oil from various water surfaces with high efficiency (97% Oil)

Pneumatic Oil Skimmers

  • Can be connected directly to the Portable Multipurpose Vacuum System for an efficient oil spill response unit or routine pit cleanup operations
  • Also available with a high capacity grooved drum

Portable Multipurpose Vacuum Systems

  • Bulbeck’s range of portable vacuum systems cost much less than vacuum trucks but perform the same function
  • Ideal for removing viscous oil, solids and sludge from land or from water surfaces
  • These versatile vacuum units are ideal for use in facilities maintenance and environmental cleanup operations including

Emergency Spill Response

  • Integral hydraulics may be used to operate a variety of auxiliary equipment such as oil recovery skimmers as well as high-pressure cleaners and pumps
Bulbeck EnviroSolutions provide a solution for controlling all Marine spills.
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03/11/11 - As part of a new growth strategy, Bulbeck EnviroSolutions has announced that it has registered a number of its products with the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign.
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16/02/11 - Magnum 600 oil recovery skimmers from BulBeck EnviroSolutions are selective oil skimmers designed to remove oil spills from water. The Magnum 600 is an open water skimmer that features 36” drums.
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