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Magnum 100 Oil Recovery Skimmers from Bulbeck EnviroSolutions for Large Spill Containment

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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions  offers a wide range of solutions for spill containment.  

Magnum 100 oil recovery skimmers are a range of selective oil skimmers designed to remove oil spills from water.  

One of the lightest high performance oil spill skimmers on the market today, Magnum 100 is suitable for larger spills in rivers, lakes and harbours.  

Magnum 100 oil recovery skimmers feature a patented design that uses moulded rotating drums as collection units and floats, eliminating the need for heavy and expensive auxiliary flotation units and frames.  

Built for large spill containment requirements in rivers, lakes, harbours and other water bodies, Magnum 100 oil recovery skimmers are capable of removing large volumes of oil from water.  

Their heavy duty construction ensures robust performance throughout the oil removal process.  

Elastec oil skimmers offer versatile and reliable performance in a variety of situations, and are designed for recovering hydrocarbons from low viscosity to high viscosity with maximum efficiency.  

The oil skimmers are designed to recover oil only from various water surfaces with high efficiency and can remove up to 97% oil.   

The lightweight and robust oil recovery skimmers enable fast and easy oil spill recovery.  

Key advantages: 

  • Simple operation
  • Selective recovery of a wide range of oils
  • Operates in as little as 3”/ 75mm of water
  • No buoyancy adjustments required
  • Moulded PE drums (no external skin to replace)
  • Rugged and lightweight design
  • Self-adjusting wipers
  • Grooved drums available for enhanced recovery rates
  • Range of options including steam coils for icing conditions
  • Patented design

Specifications of Magnum 100 oil recovery skimmers:  

  • Operating environments: Industrial harbour and coastal areas
  • Recovery rate: 380 litres/ minute
  • Dimensions: 70cm L x 57cm W x 18cm H
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Draft: 75mm
  • Skimmer frame: Marine grade aluminium
  • Power: Diesel, electric and pneumatic

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