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High-voltage power MOSFETs

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STMicroelectronics, represented in Australia by Braemac , has announced three high-voltage N-channel Power MOSFETs that combine exceptionally high efficiency and speed with ruggedness and low cost.

Significantly, these are the first devices to be introduced using STMicroelectronics' SuperMESH technology, which complements the company's range of MOSFET technologies, including its MDmesh family of devices.

The three MOSFETs are the STL5NK65Z, a 650V device having a typical on-resistance of 1600mΩ; the 600V STP13NK60Z, with a typical on-resistance of 480mΩ; and the 500V STP14NK50Z, whose typical on-resistance is 340mΩ.

All three MOSFETs will find ready applications in off-line and switch-mode power supplies, adaptors, power factor correctors, lamp ballasts, and high-intensity discharge lamps.

SuperMESH technology is an optimised version of STMicroelectronics' basic strip-based Mesh Overlay process designed for high-volume applications. SuperMESH (NKxxZ-family) MOSFETs have better than 30% lower on-resistance (RDS(on)) than previous generation (NC-family) devices.

For power equipment designers, the lower resistance allows the use of smaller and less costly heat sinks.

In addition, SuperMESH MOSFETs also benefit from a reduced VGS(th) spread from 2V to 1.5V that allow optimized driving control.

Another feature of the SuperMESH family is its built-in, back-to-back Zener diodes between the gate and source terminals.

These Zener diodes improve resistance to destructive electrostatic discharges as well as protect the gate oxide against damage from spurious voltage spikes.

Because they are built into the device, the Zener diodes preclude the need for external protection devices.

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