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Articulated loaders from Boya Equipment

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Boya Equipment offers their range of articulated loaders that are ideal materials handling equipment for construction and farming applications. Articulated loaders help carry and transfer materials including sand, gravel, rocks, soil and debris.

Even though there are different types of loaders for various tasks, Boya Equipment recommends the articulated loader for its many advantages. According to Boya Equipment, articulated loaders have proven to be a superior choice among other heavy machineries.

Articulated loaders are portable and can work in tight areas where other heavy machines cannot gain access, such as horse stables, cow sheds, chicken pens and green houses.

Its manoeuvrability stems from its articulated steering, which works much like operating 2 short machines attached together with a rod in order to let the chassis easily follow behind.

The articulated loaders can do more work in less time while consuming less fuel thanks to its highly efficient hydrostatic drive. Modern articulated loaders consist of a clutch-less hydrostatic transmission with smooth power transfer in order to not wear out clutches, gearboxes or axles.

Articulated loaders also provide a clear view of the front end of the loader in order to allow drivers to perform jobs quickly and safely. The loaders can also be fitted with different types of tyres to help meet the requirements in a wide range of demanding applications.

The articulated loaders, recommended by Boya Equipment, are ideal heavy machineries for constant pushing, as well as effective loading and transferring of materials.

With its mounted arms, the articulated loaders can reach high and further than any other loader equipment.

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