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The Super 123 Series longspan shelving is a fully adjustable shelving system that is versatile, easy to assemble and uses standard modular components.  The Super 123 Series has been designed to meet light to medium storage requirements.

The Super 123 Series industrial longspan shelving systems are suitable for high rise and two-tier structures that provide greater storage capacity and flexibility.

Meet the needs of light to medium duty storage
The Super 123 longspan shelving systems are manufactured from certified, zinc coated, high tensile steel making it one of the most durable shelving systems in the marketplace.
  • Easily adjustable, with 33mm increments for maximum space utilisation
  • Boltless and modular in design for ease of assembly
  • Available in various heights, widths and depths to suit all storage needs
  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • High load bearing capacities for storage safety
  • Reinforced removable metal shelf panels for ease of adjustment and cleaning
Accessories for customised shelving solutions
  • Modular Containers
  • Drawers
  • Shelf Trays
  • Telescopic Tube Dividers
  • Dividers for long items
  • Vertical Sliding Dividers
  • Hanging rails for garment storage
  • Perforated Plastic Shelf Panels
  • Perforated Metal Shelf Panels
  • Display accessories for retail environments
High Rise Shelving Systems – Metalsistems Super 123
Super 123 and Unirack shelving series can be configured as high rise narrow aisle shelving using full height frames:
  • Maximises building height for increase storage capacity
  • Direct access to all stored items through high lift order picking machines
  • Light weight materials to reduce floor loading
  • Full adjustability and accessory options for storage efficiency
The Metalsistem Super 123 provides exceptional strength due to the ingenious use of lightweight materials. This industrial longspan shelving system is of highest quality, competitively priced and offer solutions to most shelving requirements.
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