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Installing Metalsistem Super 4-5-6 raised storage areas and mezzanine floor systems means valuable floor space and ceiling heights can be utilised, particularly in offices and warehouses where extra storage is often required.

Cost effective method of increasing storage capacity in open plan areas
  • The SUPER 6 series mezzanine system can be customised to suit client requirements
  • Staircases, handrails and safety gates can be incorporated into the design
  • Heavy duty beams available for longer spans
  • Maximise storage capacity by incorporating other Metalsistem shelving systems
  • Unique 4-sided post with 8 connection points allows easy additions or relocation

Rack Based Raised Storage

  • Designed and built using standard Superbuild pallet racking components such as Superbuild Pallet racking
  • Ideal for creating additional storage space, with small parts storage underneath
  • Utilises standard racking components for economy
  • Can be extended or relocated
  • Shelves can be incorporated in the design by using standard racking components
  • Installing rack based raised storage systems is a fast and economical way to maximise floor space and warehouse height

Multi-Tier Storage

  • Available in two or three tiers configurations
  • Utilises all available ceiling height
  • Designed to incorporate a range of accessories such as Shelves, Hanging garment storage, Small parts storage, Conveyor incline units, Goods lifts and Safety gates

The Multi-Tier storage systems can be designed and built using any of SUPER 3, UNIRACK and SUPER 6 mezzanine floor systems.

Maximise space efficiency with Bowen Group's Metalsistem Super 4-5-6 to create additional office or storage space without compromising valuable floor space underneath.

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