The Ultimate Bench Vice Made of Drop Forged Steel from Boscotek Industrial Storage


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The HEUER™ Bench Vice and Clamps from Bosco is a tool of the highest quality and accuracy. The vice embodies precision engineering, a prime example of reliability and durability and represents high quality and well-thought-out workmanship.

Manufactured entirely from drop forged steel   

  • Slim but stable guide tracks (drop-forged) provide greater clamping depth  
  • High, optimally distributed clamping force from the centrally located and well-protected spindle with double-action trapezoid thread allowing quick opening and closing  
  • Hardened pipe-gripping jaws as production standard
  • Drop-forged rear jaw with specially formed anvil  
  • Strong, forged spindle nut  
  • Drop-forged guide plates  
  • Guide adjustable by centrally located screw  
  • Internal dual-prism guide track preventing fouling and damage
  • Large track surfaces fully machined to guarantee precision and long service life with replaceable jaws  
  • More space on the workbench  
  • Lifting, rotating ergonomics
Customisable bench vice
The vice can be used in conjunction with a number of innovative genuine accessories, including the ‘Lift’, ‘Collapsible’, ‘Collapsible Lift’, ‘Rotary Table’, ‘Table Clamp’ and 'Magnefix Jaws'.
  • Lift: Provides height adjustment for the vice, preventing serious posture damage
  • Collapsible: An ideal complement for the bench vice, stowed under the workbench with ease, creating extra space when not in use
  • Collapsible Lift: adjustability of the vice extends to approx. 175mm in height and to rotation of 360°, accommodating employees of different sizes, height and shapes requiring a variety of work
  • Rotary Table: Enable 360º rotation of the vice, making your work environment even more flexible
  • Table Clamp: Installed and removed simply and rapidly with a few movements. The sturdy wing bolt assures easy and safe operation
  • Magnefix Jaws: Integral special magnets hold the Magnefix jaw blocks securely on the vice with no magnetising of the piece, enabling the vice jaws to be changed depending on the project and avoid the risk of damaging delicate surfaces while you are working
The HEUER™ Bench Vice is a robust and durable tool with innovative accessories to ensure flexibility for numerous working environments. Boscotek Industrial Storage information and contact details


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