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BoscoLighting introduces a wide range of bay lights which gives you the traditional bay look powered by the newest and best technologies. Our bay lights are perfect for heavy duty industry including steel, mining, oil, gas and construction.They are designed to light up warehouses, factories or any other places with a need for consistent and bright light.

Our high bays are up to 75% more efficient than traditional metal-halide high bays, last far longer and do not require replacement bulbs. This means that there are great electrical savings along with reduced maintenance costs for buildings of all sizes.

As with the high bays, the low bay lights are also supplied with flex&plug and chain, but weigh only 1 kg, and so are easy to install and suitable for heights of 3-5 meters.

Benefits and features:

  • Bright and energy saving, with optional glare-free inbuilt diffuser
  • Maintenance free and quality build to protect against vibrations and ensure long lasting life.
  • IP65 rating ensures the toughest dustproof and appropriate waterproof to handle any indoor or outdoor situations
  • Easy to install and even suitable for hanging on low ceiling heights
  • Connectable with intelligent lighting controls including C-BUS, as well as Zigbee and IP based systems
  • Inbuilt redundancy to ensure extreme long life

Applicable situations:

  • Warehouses, factories, supermarkets, loft-style offices and venues with low ceiling heights
  • Great for workshops, garages and areas where good spread of light is required.
  • Industrial looking retail environments including clothing stores and eateries
  • Sporting locations including gymnasiums, indoor sporting halls and community centres.
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