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Gary Bortz of Bortz Product Design Explains the Importance of Industrial Design

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article image Industrial design plays a key role in a product's success

Given the technological advances made in industrial design, Gary Bortz of Bortz Product Design believes there is simply no excuse for poorly designed products.    

Product development is a continuous process with product managers continually updating and changing products so that sales people can have a new angle to sell them. Market compulsions and the need to stay ahead of the competition drive these changes even if the product is already successful. Consequently, many products end up superfluous or poorly designed.  

According to Gary Bortz, Principal Designer at Bortz Product Design, companies have access to technology, knowledge and experience developed over decades by designers, manufacturing facilities and sales teams. The maturity developed over the years must be reflected in the products being designed.  

Industrial design is considered the meeting point of art and engineering, humanising products and making them ready for mass production. Industrial design helps companies and marketing departments differentiate products while assisting users to make the connection between themselves and the product.  

Industrial design packages the essence of the product, making it desirable and accessible to the masses. A well-designed object can even take on a personality or become an extension of the user, be it a work tool, kitchen utensil, sporting equipment or even a hygiene product, evoking an instant emotional response. Good design helps create a positive emotion.  

For consumers and users, the logic and rationale for making a purchase may be based on features, function and price, but the final decision always comes right down to good design.  

Good design delivers the impression of added quality and attention to detail that gives the buyer the confidence to choose one product over another.  

Industrial designers continue to collaborate with engineers, manufacturers, marketing teams and the management, using sophisticated tools and the wealth of knowledge gained over decades to assist at all levels of product development.  

Given the critical role of industrial design in the success of a product, Gary Bortz advises companies to get an industrial designer on board for any new product development.

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