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Frequency inverters available from Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust)

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The frequency inverters from Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) can be used in a wide range of applications, from continuous drives for simple conveyor belts to complex networked applications in manufacturing plant and machinery. The frequency inverters can even be used as portable power supplies.

Most frequently, of course, they are used as drives for Bonfiglioli Transmission’s own gearmotors, with which they can fulfil a wide range of hardware and software tasks.

The present performance range extends from 0.37 to 800kW, and is covered by two series of products.

Both these series incorporate numerous innovations in the field of frequency conversion, including machine networking functions and simplified setup and control.

The flexibility of frequency inverters in complex industrial operations was demonstrated recently in the operation of non-ferrous metal separating machines that form part of the complex material transport system used in waste separation systems.

These machines play an essential role in waste separation. It is due to them that non-ferrous metals can be extracted for recycling.

A high speed rotating magnetic cylinder is installed at the end of a conveyor belt. This generates a high frequency variable magnetic field, which in turn generates powerful Foucault currents in any passing nonferrous metals.

These currents produce opposite magnetic fields as a result. Non-ferrous parts are therefore repelled and catapulted out of the material flow, to be collected in special hoppers.

The separation process is controlled by a number of networked Bonfiglioli Vectron Active frequency inverters and a main SPS unit. The system is characterised by the fact that the network connection runs over the frequency inverters' own bus system based on CAN-Bus protocol.

Because all the actuators and sensors in the plant can be connected to the Active frequency inverters, and because the CAN-Bus can be used to monitor plant operating conditions, no further bus nodes are required.

More needless bus connections can be eliminated, because Active frequency inverters can have their parameters set and controlled from the SPS. In fact, over 1,000 frequency inverter parameters can be controlled from the central station.

Another innovation extending the practicality of Bonfiglioli Active frequency inverters is their availability with Cold Plate technology.

Instead of conventional finned heat sinks, these units are equipped with rectified flat cold plates that offer far more flexible installation. Dissipated heat can be removed via suitably sized air or liquid cooled heat transfer systems.

Cooling systems are normally incorporated in the frequency inverter itself. Irrespective of whether heat extraction is by ventilation or liquid, Active Cold Plate frequency inverters can use any flat counter-surface as a cooling device.

This is particularly important since it allows a number of units to be served by a single liquid-cooled heat extractor.

Installations of this type permit significant space savings, and not only in width. They also avoid the problem of conventional heat sink fins becoming inefficient, because of fouling, and permit control panels to be assembled without additional cooling for the frequency inverter.

Considering the trend towards decentralised drive systems and portable applications, modern frequency inverters need to be housed in strong, protective casings.

Cold Plate technology frequency inverters offer a number of advantages in achieving the necessary thermal equilibrium inside compact casings.

For a start, the casing itself can also be used as a heat sink. If this level of thermal protection is not required, the plant engineer can incorporate the frequency inverter directly inside a machine, provided some of the parts in that machine can provide the necessary cooling effect.

Frequency inverters that are easy to install and easy to use
New functions have been added to enhance the efficiency of VPlus 4.0 software for Active and VCB frequency inverters. The advanced software features a clear new terminal monitor and setup window, variable presentation of real-time values, a four channel oscilloscope and bus capacity.

The functions help provide more global technical assistance. For plant operators, they also mean more convenient and safer machines.

Bonfiglioli Vectron frequency inverters are quick to configure for the application in hand, easy to monitor and, in the unlikely event of a system error, quickly and accurately diagnosed.

This is especially important in the case of exported units, which could otherwise take a long time to trouble-shoot, incurring unnecessarily high costs in the process.

Take a laboratory extruder for example. This sort of machine needs to be configured for different test conditions as quickly as possible and also requires precision control to identify exact production conditions.

Because the new set-up window and terminal monitor are so easy to use, they simplify startup not only of the frequency inverter itself, but of the entire plant.

Start-up is really a piece of cake, since the determination of parameter values is performed automatically after a few simple basic values have been entered.

In applications involving complex settings and adjustments, the frequency inverter can even determine its own optimal configuration after initial set-up, and automatically finds the data it needs. The plant can therefore become fully operational in next to no time.

The set-up window is complemented by the terminal monitor, which allows the operator to control the functional integration of all standard connections and to simultaneously monitor current status and other electrical parameters.

Any drive write errors can be quickly identified, and the accuracy of the frequency inverter's parameter settings can be checked with ease.

With VPlus 4.0, even the integration of complex input and output control functions becomes transparent. The operator can configure the real-time variable value window and its graphic extensions in the way most suitable for the job in hand.

A simple drag- and-drop function even allows users to create their own personal control panel. Users can therefore keep the values that are critical for their own application under constant control.

Values may be presented as line outputs to estimate long term production or in the form of indicators if they wish to have a real-time overview of the situation.

In the case of critical values, this allows users to establish a risk area with minimum and maximum values read through a delay flagger.

The most critical aspect of the lab extruder, for example, is its continuously high torque. The need for rapid diagnostics, on the other hand, is satisfied by the wide range of display options.

VPlus 4.0 also comes with a 4-channel oscilloscope. This has a scan speed of 2 ms, and can display up to 4 real-time or internal values and record for up to an hour. External measurements are therefore a thing of the past.

This advanced functionality means less effort from the system operator and reduced costs for the company. On top of this, users no longer need to physically go to each individual frequency inverter to monitor it.

VPlus 4.0 software can handle parameters for up to 64 frequency inverters in a continuous system over the CAN-based Active system bus.

Each frequency inverter can be monitored individually. A clear menu structure helps users locate the parameter they need quickly and easily.

With Bonfiglioli's Active and VCB frequency inverters, users can also access the drive system from a remote point. Tele-assistance permits technical assistance to be provided anywhere in the world; a modem is provided with the service kit to permit connection to the local telephone network wherever users are.

A highly advantageous bus system, based on CAN-bus protocol, maximum data capacity from minimum specifications, a large number of cooling options including Cold Plate technology , plus user friendly operating software all combine to turn start-up, production, technical assistance and trouble-shooting into clear, intuitive operations.

Taken all together, these qualities demonstrate the advanced quality and functionality of these frequency inverters and give operators ultimate convenience as well as all the functions they could possibly need from this type of drive system.

With four size ratings from 0.55 to 18.5 kW, the Bonfiglioli Vectron Active range of frequency inverters provides all the functionality needed to cover a wide range of technical and mechanical requirements.

Multiple installation variants also enable the range to be installed in a large number of ways, allowing a great deal of free space to be created.

Bonfiglioli has responded to expanding demand for its Vectron ACT 201 and 401 selectable vector drives by more than doubling the capacity of ranges available ex stock in Australia and New Zealand.

The move to expanded local stocking of the ACT series of drives up to 132kW, means enhanced availability and delivery of the advanced technology drives, which are designed to offer ideal flexibility for variable speed industrial process applications.

The Bonfiglioli Vectron ACT 201 and 401 combine award-winning hardware design with an unparalleled flexibility of macro configuration-based software control.

Available in both 200V and 400V versions (with power ratings to 9.2kW and 132kW respectively), ACT drives are ideal for a broad range of applications, extending from simple variable speed right through to complex servo-style operation.

Bonfiglioli’s ACT 201 and 401 vector drives - along with its Synplus SPL 200 and SPL400 series of sensorless vector drives - complement the company’s broader VVVF electronic drives range.

The modern ranges are designed to radically enhance process control and facilitate the ongoing introduction of Mechatronics drives technology.

The ACT series offers power and torque to spare while being extremely easy to use, with good control for high performance and advantages in their scalability and compact size.

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