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Bonfiglioli’s innovative range of bevel helical, helical drives and worm gearmotors combine compact design with top class performance.

The A, C1, F and W Series offer high modularity and versatility, brilliantly resolving most problematic application requirements. Entirely designed using advanced systems of structural analysis with quality controlled assembly, these gearmotors are built for hard wearing longevity.

A55 Series – Bevel Helical Gearmotor is a highly efficient and quiet unit

  • A55 gearbox is one of the most customised drives, with consistently high torque capacity over a wide range of ratios, spanning from a minimum of i=5 to a maximum of i=800
  • Two different casings, one 2-stage and one 3-4 stage, used to allow for optimisation of cost, performance and dimensions in a manner otherwise not possible
  • Extremely versatile thanks to a broad range of standard options that can be selected from the catalogue for configuring the gearmotor according to any application requirement

A series offers lightweight construction whilst maintaining strength and durability 

  • Bonfiglioli’s A series drives feature FEA (Finite Element Analysis) procedures in its design and construction
  • Case-hardened nickel chrome steel gears
  • Operating efficiencies are also enhanced by high performance patented hypoid bevel gear pair, which gives significant energy savings
  • Low noise gearing is achieved by locating the bevel gear pair at the output stage of the gearmotors, allowing significant noise reductions below similarly sized traditional bevel helical gearmotors
  • Wide ratio range (with up to four reduction stages) permit one A series to be used where previously two gear units increased dimensions and cost
  • Nine sizes available - 0.09Kw to 55Kw with torques from 150 to 14,000 Nm. Large ratio range 1700 to 1 in a single gearbox with up to four reduction stages
  • Single block universal housing offers optimum sizing and allows perfect gear alignment and lower noise levels
  • Available in IEC flange or compact motor form and has many versions including hollow or solid shaft, shrink disc or flange mounted

C1 Series – Compact Helical Gearmotor provides up to 66% more torque

  • 11 sizes available from 100 - 1600Nm torque capacity
  • Extensive ratio range from 2.6:1 to 1481:1 with larger ratios available upon request
  • Increased torque - a smaller more compact unit may be specified
  • High modularity - gearboxes can be quickly tailored to individual applications
  • Increased flexibility - IEC dry face or compact motors for greater space saving
  • Low maintenance - C11 to C41 are filled for life with S320 synthetic oil which lasts 3 x longer

F Series – Versatile Shaft Mounted Gearmotors are easy to install 
This lightweight workhorse is the dependable drive for all material handling applications.

  • 9 sizes available from 140-14,000Nm torque capacity
  • Wide ratio range up to 2,188 with 4 reduction stages for ultimate flexibility
  • Compact design, available in IEC dry face or compact motor for greater space saving
  • Shaft or flange mounted with a choice of 3 flange sizes
  • Sizes F10 - F30 are life lubricated with top quality synthetic oil
  • Single block housing ensures quiet operation and longer gear life 

W Series – Worm Gearmotors combine uncompromising quality with state-of-the-art technology and price effectiveness

  • Absolute flexibility is given with several mounting options, shaft configurations and motor interfaces, all offered as standard
  • The helical-worm and the double-worm version, with or without the torque limiter, also add up, creating a highly versatile drive system
  • Higher torque and enhanced thermal ratings permits these more compact units to be selected for many applications
  • Minimal running and maintenance costs
  • Torque range from 13 Nm to 7.100 Nm
  • Mechanical rating (n1= 1400 min-1) 0,04 to 75 kW
  • Gear ratios from 7 to 10000

Bonfiglioli provide fast delivery with extensive local stock levels that are assembled in Australia using only skilled tradesmen and CNC assembly machines. 
Bonfiglioli’s online technology Mosaico system also helps reduce industrial gearbox design times and allows clients to tailor drives to the needs of their particular applications.

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