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Bonfiglioli Vector ACT series offers load monitoring flexibility and safety

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A versatile series of selectable vector drives from Bonfiglioli offers outstanding flexibility for industrial process applications such as load absence monitoring needs found widely throughout industry.

The Bonfiglioli Vectron ACT 201 and 401 combine award-winning hardware design with an unparallel flexibility of macro configuration-based software control for variable speed applications, says Bonfiglioli’s National Manager, Electronic Automated Division (EAD).

This electronic control versatility is particularly valuable for Load Absence Monitoring, which is a common feature or requirement in modern process control for safety and/or production-based issues.

It applies to applications as diverse as conveyors and quarries, packaging and primary processing, or manufacturing lines and mineral processing plants.

Load Absence Monitoring involves the process control device monitoring the load side of its function and reacting to a lack of load in pre-determined ways. In our case, the process control device is the ACT inverter and the load is the electric motor. At Vectron the feature is called V-Belt monitoring, says Richardson.

The principle of this function when activated is to monitor the effective Torque Forming current of the Variable speed drive. As the current demand of the motor is directly proportional to the torque produced by the motor, we can see if the load on the motor is either reduced or no longer there.

For example if something mechanical breaks in the power transmission like a gear or a chain, the torque demand on the motor is reduced, the motor current drops and the drive reacts. The way it works is quite simple.

A percentage threshold is set based on the rated current of the drive and a time limit is set to monitor the low threshold. If the current falls below the set threshold for longer than the set time, the drive condition changes. For example,

  • Drive rated current–18A (this is a 7.5kW)
  • Adjustable Percentage threshold–20% (18A x 20% = 3.6A)
  • Adjustable Time-5 seconds
In this example, if the ACT400–018 only sees 3.6A on the motor for more than 5 seconds, it reacts to ensure safety, and prevent damage.

We can change the reaction of the drive to have it issue a warning, we can have it close one of the digital outputs to activate an alarm or a flashing light, or we can have the drive trip on a defined error. It is totally adjustable to the customer’s requirements.

However when setting this up the customer needs to take note of the no-load current draw on the motor to prevent false trips, said Richardson, whose EAD Davison of Bonfiglioli is responsible for the introduction to Australia of mechatronics technology that will become increasingly important as the old distinctions between mechanical and electrical processes are broken down.

Available in both 200V and 400V versions with power ratings to 55kW, ACT drives are ideal for a broad range of applications, extending from simple variable speed right through to complex servo-style operation.

The ACT series offers power and torque to spare while being easy to use, with control for high performance and outstanding advantages in their scalability and compact size, said Richardson.

Features of the ACT series include:

  • Selectable vector control function including sensor-less control, sensor-less field oriented control and field-oriented control with encoder
  • High overload capacity of 150% for 60 seconds and 200% for 1 second
  • Switching frequency of 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 kHz
  • Power range (ACT401) 0.55 - 55 kW / three-phase 360 - 480V / 50 - 60 Hz (ACT201) 0.55 - 3 kW / single or three-phase 200 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • IP20 Enclosure (EN 60529) and EMC Filter Integrated up to 9.2 kW (EN 61800-3)
Main standard hardware features:

  • Integrated dynamic braking module
  • DC link connection
  • Standard encoder interface
  • Motor temperature monitoring
  • Plug-in power terminals (up to 3kW)
  • Plug-in and programmable control terminals
  • 6 digital inputs, 1 multifunction input
  • 1 digital Output, 1 multifunction Output
  • 1 relay output (changeover contact)
Main software features:

Programmable reference value channel, Programmable start and stop characteristics, Motor potentiometer, Programmable S curve , 4 data sets, Auto start-up and commissioning, Auto reset after failure, Auto start after power failure, PI controller, Programmable logic and timer functions, volume flow control, Bump-Less torque/speed changeover, Master / Slave function with electronic gear, Enhanced positioning function, Index and stability control intelligent current limits, Power failure regulation, Comprehensive drive monitoring and protection capabilities, High speed control, Function for lift, crane and winch applications with mechanical brake Management Functions.

Optional PC software:

V-Plus for Windows operating system with motor and drive set-up macro, drive status (I/O) macro, virtual gauge macro, and a 4 channel software oscilloscope function.

Bonfiglioli’s ACT 201 and 401 selectable vector drives, along with its Synplus SPL 200 and SPL400 series of Sensorless vector drives complement the company’s broader VVVF electronic drives range and the broad range of advanced mechanical drive technology Bonfiglioli has introduced to Australia and New Zealand, including the compact Trasmital planetary series, the C1, A and F helical gearboxes, new W worm series and a broad range of clutch-brake units and electric brake motors.

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