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BOC has developed a range of industrial welding/cutting equipment for welding, brazing, heating and cutting applications.

Whether opting for LPG or oxy-acetylene fuel gases, the company says the Promaster oxy-acetylene kit has made strong inroads in the industrial sector, while the soon to be released Masterstart LPG kit is expected to make the same impact.

BOC’s technical manager for industrial gases, Paul Wotherspoon, said the Promaster’s oxy-acetylene flame offered superior localised heating. 

“In cutting, oxy-acetylene gives the fastest preheating and piercing times of any fuel gas combination. In oxy-acetylene cutting processes, improved cut quality, higher cutting speed, faster cut initiation time and reduced oxygen use are also achieved,’’ he said.

Producing a maximum flame temperature of approximately 3150°C, it is the only fuel gas that can be used to weld steel. Other applications including flame hardening, flame cleaning and thermal spraying of various metals and ceramics.

Wotherspoon says many users favour acetylene over LPG because it produces the hottest flame, is more efficient, uses less oxygen, offers better control, is safer, and has wider applications.

Meanwhile, the Masterstart LPG kit is designed for getting started on general oxy-LPG cutting and brazing with the flexibility to add accessories specific to individual requirements. 

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