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BOC launches new range of TIG torches

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BOC  has launched a new range of TIG torches and gas-saving consumables, manufactured in the US and designed exclusively for BOC.

The torches come in three sizes – 150, 200 and 350 amps and feature a brass head for better heat conductivity, dramatically reducing the risk of melting.

The head assembly provides large water jacket available in an 18 or 20 series torch, more than twice the surface area of other models for maximum heat transfer.

In addition, the design allows for an increased cooling capacity through greater gas or water flow.

Another unique design feature is the additional gas-saver consumable compatible with the range. The gas saver features an interchangeable screen that can be replaced if it becomes clogged.

Previously the entire gas lens would need to be replaced. The gas saver increases the accuracy and strength of the flow allowing operators to use less gas, an important cost saving for heavy users. The clear pyrex nozzle also provides better visibility.

BOC has a strong track record in supplying the consumables for TIG welding so it made sense for BOC to offer its own TIG torches. The design is unique to BOC to ensure precision welding.

The torches are fully compatible with standard hoses and cables and are also available in a ready-to-use kit that includes the torch, consumables and tungstens.

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