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Bags, washroom and industrial products from Bluelink Packaging

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Bluelink Packaging  is one of the leading providers of bags, washroom and industrial products. The bags supplied by Bluelink Packaging are durable and are used for various applications.

Carry bags and tissues provided by Bluelink Packaging are made of craft and laminated paper. These are cut in different shapes and sizes. These carry bags have beautiful handles to hold, which are either folded or cut into beautiful shape.

Food packaging products provided by Bluelink Packaging include bottle bags, clear bowls, bread bags, cutlery bags, dispenser bags, freezer bags, bouffant caps, vegetable bags, napkins, paper wrappings, plastic cups, sandwich wedges, roll packs, salad boxes, plastic takeaway containers, foam trays and twist ties.

Pizza packaging products comprise of tailor made round bowls and oval plates in different colours and sizes.

Bluelink Packaging provides hand towels, toilet tissues, facial tissues and many other washroom products. All the washroom products from Bluelink Packaging are hygienic. Some industrial products like carton liners, roll bags, garbage bin liners, gloves, packaging tapes and pallet wraps are also offered by Bluelink Packaging.

Plain and simple bags, cello bags, bottle bags, resealable bags, micro perforated bags and plain vented bags are also offered by Bluelink Packaging.

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