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The five benefits of raised storage

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article image Raised storage solutions can benefit companies that have run out of space

Raised storage systems offer numerous benefits to businesses of any size. Companies that quickly grow and expand soon find that they have outgrown their current premises. However, moving to a new location is not always a practical solution. This is where raised storage solutions can benefit companies that have run out of space.

Justin Pitts at Blue Diamond Storage explains the Top 5 benefits of investing in a raised storage solution.

Avoid a costly relocation

Many businesses automatically consider relocating to bigger premises when they outgrow their current space. Relocation is often a costly and time consuming exercise, and can involve considerable time being spent on identifying new warehouse space or offices, finding the perfect location to fit unique requirements, and then making the physical move of all equipment and stock to the new location. A time- and money-saving alternative is to simply invest in a raised storage system such as pallet racking or a mezzanine floor for the existing space.

Double your space with a mezzanine floor

Businesses that need a lot of extra space and have the ceiling height to work with can choose a mezzanine floor to optimise use of their current space. Installing a mezzanine floor effectively doubles the floor space without having to move anything.

Flexible storage options

Raised storage systems offer a highly flexible solution with a variety of options available to meet the storage needs of different types of products. Mezzanine floors will automatically double the existing storage space, and come either in a rack supported mezzanine design where the floor is built from pallet racking, providing storage space underneath the mezzanine floor, or a completely freestanding raised storage area.

Long span shelving is the most suitable choice to store long or bulky items with its easy access and simple set up. Pallet racking comes in a range of styles depending on specific business needs from the most common selective racking to drive in pallet racking or push back pallet racking.

Better business continuity

Avoiding relocation by installing a raised storage system also minimises business downtime that would have otherwise resulted from the physical move. Raised storage systems can be custom designed to suit specific business requirements, and also installed quickly to avoid the business being shut down for extended periods.

Huge cost savings

A raised storage system allows the business to custom design their warehouse storage system, helping them create the exact space needed for their requirements. Raised storage systems eliminate the extra cost of larger premises as well as relocation expenses while optimising the use of existing space and giving the flexibility to design the premises to fit the business’ needs.

Blue Diamond Storage offers its expertise in pallet racking, long span shelving and mezzanine floors. The company’s designers can create storage systems to perfectly complement any business while fully trained installers will set them up efficiently.

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