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Using the right abrasives to increase project efficiency

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Sandblasting equipment is typically used by many industries to properly prepare various surfaces before application of protective coatings or corrosion control. However, the focus is more on the actual quality of the sandblasting equipment used rather than the quality of the type of abrasives used for the job.

A high-quality abrasive can actually increase the efficiency of the project at hand. Aside from offering faster cleaning times when cleaning larger surface areas, good quality material can actually increase the end result.

Using lower grade abrasive material can lead to surfaces being insufficiently cleaned, causing the paint to not adhere properly to that surface, resulting in peeling, chipping and more costly maintenance being scheduled.

By comparison, using a higher quality abrasive allows for the project to be completed to the correct standard; cost savings also accrue from the need to purchase less abrasive product to complete the task, as well as lower expense in terms of maintenance and upkeep as the job has been done correctly the first time.

Some abrasive products tend to produce a significant amount of dust during use, requiring the worker to be adequately protected against dust inhalation by way of protective respiratory apparatus, as well as covered by protective clothing.

Abrasives such as the GMA garnet produce far less dust content, reducing the amount of dust generated, which improves safety for anyone working on that project, or in the vicinity. 

Higher quality abrasives such as GMA garnet obviously carry a far higher benefit to the environment when compared to traditional usage of sand or slags. They also feature better abrasive qualities, meaning far less is used to clean larger surface areas in a more efficient time frame.

Using a reduced quantity of product and completing the task in a shorter time frame equates to cost savings for the project as a whole. Advantages also include a better quality finish on completion and the reduced need for future maintenance.

Cleaning up after sandblasting machines is a crucial component of any sandblasting project. All sandblasting equipment and grit blasting machine will expel some dust, but it is possible to combine the use of dust collectors on job sites to reduce the level of dust. This helps to improve visibility for those working on the product, reduce potential hazards to workers, and also lower the level of dust within the surrounding environment.

Many larger projects may require specific dust filtration and collection containment structures to be erected around blasting job sites. Mobile dust collectors can provide a viable, cost-effective solution to this necessity.

Blastmaster specialises in providing sandblasting machinery and equipment to a range of industries, including corrosion control and protective coatings industries. They also offer high-quality abrasives that ensure projects are completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

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