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The difference abrasive quality makes in blasting

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Proper surface preparation with top quality abrasives is essential to ensure excellent results from coating systems for the long-term. A poorly cleaned surface, for example, will reduce the adherence or adhesion of paint, which will start to chip or peel not long after the process is complete. If the abrasives used are contaminated, this will lead to contamination of the environment and the blasted surface, resulting in problems with the coating system.

Another advantage to using excellent quality abrasives is that a smaller quantity of product can be used to clean a larger surface area in the same timeframe as traditional abrasives. The low consumption of abrasives has multiple benefits: not only does a company need to buy a lower quantity of abrasive products, but there is less to load, clean up and dispose of, further improving the bottom line.

Blastmaster supplies a wide range of top quality abrasives including sodium bicarbonate, Armex media, aluminium oxide, coarse Indian garnet, GMA garnet, SpeedBlast, Premium Blast, New Steel and tempered steel shot. These types of abrasives are preferred by many companies because they are a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective alternative to sand and slags.

Traditional abrasives can create a significant amount of dust, which is detrimental to the environment as well as the person performing the job. An abrasive such as GMA garnet from Blastmaster by comparison produces almost no dust, making it a great option to use in areas with high traffic. Savings are also achieved in the lower requirement of abrasive – only a quarter of the quantity of garnet is needed in comparison to conventional abrasives to get the same job done in half the time.

In addition to top quality abrasives, Blastmaster also supplies top-of-the-line sandblasting equipment including dust collectors, dehumidifiers, decon units, UHP blasters, vacuum systems and operator safety equipment.

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