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Optical fibre isolators and circulators

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BITLINE System Pty Ltd recently launched a series of new isolators and circulators, adding to their standard isolator and circulator products, which include single and dual stage isolators and three-port circulators.

Optical fibre circulators and isolators are two types of passive components that have important applications in high performance optical networks.

Optical isolators are used to ensure one-directional transmission of light in the optical fibre and eliminate any reflection light that may affect the operation of the light source. They are normally used to separate different sections of the optical link.

Optical circulators can also separate the reflection light into another fibre and provide high isolation at the same time. Such functionality can be used in various applications, such as high bit-rate bi-directional communication links, optical sensoring systems, optical filtering or multiplexing using fibre gratings.

Bitline offer wide band isolators and circulators (C+L bands) that can work in a much wider wavelength range than standard C band isolators. The whole C and L bands from 1520nm to 1620nm are covered.

Multimode fibre isolators are available at 1310nm or 1550nm and can be used in communication systems employing multimode optical fibre (normally access or local networks).

Bitline’s isolators at special wavelengths such as 64nm and 1480nm can be used in special fibre laser systems or optical amplifiers.

Four-port circulators have four operation ports that can separate reflections from two different fibres. This is especially desirable to simplify the design of multi-channel/multi-fibre sensoring or communication systems.

Polarisation-maintaining isolators and circulators are specially designed so the polarisation of incoming light is kept the same at the output. This feature is critical for polarisation sensitive sensoring or communication systems.

Bitline also customise isolators and circulators for customer's special requirements.

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