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Driven Linear System (DLS) available from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation

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article image The DLS Driven Linear System offers belt driven actuation

Bishop Wisecarver Corporation  supplies Driven Linear Systems (DLS) that offer belt driven actuation with a variety of drive options available to meet simple and complex linear motion needs. Drive options include: gear motors, stepper motors, servo motors, speed controllers, planetary gearboxes, worm gearboxes, electric brakes, and torque limiters.

The DLS linear system’s beam provides T slots for fast and simple mounting of sensors and switches as well as assembly brackets. Profile aluminium framing, such as MCS, can be used to complete machine framing around the driven linear system unit. Other DLS linear system options include a cantilever axis which provides a low inertia vertical axis to complete linear motion requirements.

DLS linear systems DLS3 and DLS4 are available up to 8 meters in a single beam.

  • Standard axis and DLS3 cantilever axis options include:
  • Precision Ground GV3 V slides along with double row V bearings ensure a smooth and durable slide
  • Two carriage plate lengths are available, long and short
  • Drive and idler end boxes have brush seals to prevent the ingress of particulate as well as end of stroke bumpers
  • Carriages feature integral belt tensioning for easy adjustment; and
  • Connect shafts, connecting shaft supports, couplers, torque limiters, switches and brakes allow further optimisation of the DLS linear system
Motor options include:

  • AC geared motors are available in frame sizes IEC 56 to 80, with gear ratios from 5:1 to 75:1
  • Geared motors can be directly coupled to drive end boxes using hollow shafts
  • Flanges are also available to mount customer specific gearboxes and motors
  • Shaft-only options allow an output shaft to be mounted on the left or right side of the drive end box as well as a dual output shaft
  • Precision planetary gearboxes can be directly mounted to the drive end box for high accuracy applications
Beam options include:
  • DLS3 and DLS4 feature standard beams 
  • DLS3 has a lightweight beam option 
  • DLS3 also features a cantilever beam option, which allows for a stationary carriage and a moving beam 
  • All beams feature T slots and optional T slot covers are available
DLS5 is the largest member of the DLS family. Idler end box belt tensioning 50AT10 belt allow for speeds up to 6 meter/second.

Further information on driven linear systems or linear actuator systems is available from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation.

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