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Leading research and forecasts for the Australian economy for over the last 40 years, BIS Shrapnel has compiled valuable data that has earned them a reputation for identifying major trends, shifts and changes in the economy.

Economic Outlook

BIS Shrapnel intelligently monitors developments in the Australian economy and the potential impact on prospects for business 18 months into the future. BIS Shrapnel in depth information forecasts for economic and business indicators.

Long Term Forecasts 2013 – 2028

The Long Term Forecasts 2013 – 2028 report identifies the latest 15 year economic and industry forecasts and examines the outlook for Australia’s economic growth.  
  • Includes prospects and risks for financial conditions as well as forecasts for the main industry sectors and manufacturing sub sectors
  • Critical annual forecasts for the next five years and two five year average forecasts thereafter
  • Essential information tool for budgeting, strategy formulation and mid to long term business planning
Wages Outlook Report 2012/13 – 2017/18
The Wages Outlook Report provides forecasts of CPI inflation and wage inflation by industry sector at the national level over the next five years. This is the only annual publication that provides wage escalation by industry by pay-setting method (ie differentiated by those on awards, enterprise bargaining agreements and individual contracts) at the Australia level.

State Economic and Industry Prospects 2013 – 2023

The State Economic and Industry Prospects 2013 – 2023 reports offers invaluable forecast information relevant to your industry in your state that is readily accessible and affordable.

Long Term Scenario Analysis 2012 – 2027

The Long Term Scenario Analysis is a supplement available exclusively for current subscribers to Long Term Forecasts 2012-2027.
The supplement will contain:
  • Details of the changed assumptions used in the scenarios
  • Discussion of the impact the changed assumptions have upon our forecasts
  • Forecasts of the Key Economic Indicators under each scenario
In developing these forecasts a 25 per cent higher and lower alternative has been used from the central forecast.

Private Client Work

BIS Shrapnel also offer a premium consultancy for individual clients developed either to address their specific issues or to identify opportunities.  
BIS Shrapnel's experienced economics team benefits clients with:
  • Private Briefings
  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Demand Forecasting Models
  • State and Regional Analysis
  • Specialised Research and Reports
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Supplier news
03/02/15 - BIS Shrapnel has announced the dates and venues of the 102nd BIS Shrapnel Business Forecasting Conference Series.
Supplier news
09/08/11 - BIS Sharpnel is predicting the national building commencements will show only a moderate recovery of 8% in 2011/12.
Supplier news
27/07/10 - Industry analyst and economic forecaster, BIS Shrapnel, is forecasting national building commencements to be close to flat in 2010/11 and 2011/12.
Supplier news
10/11/08 - According to industry analysts and economic forecasters, BIS Shrapnel Australian consumers are still eating out even in times of economic downturn. Consumers are trading down their eating out choices but have not stopped going out to eat altogether. BIS Shrapnel’s Foodservice in Australia 2008 report found that many two and three star restaurants and clubs have reported a strong upturn in custom, quoting a rise in dining guest numbers.
Supplier news
16/07/08 - Australia’s booming mining sector will help insulate the economy from recession for the next five years according to a new report released by independent economic forecaster and industry analyst, BIS Shrapnel. Mining in Australia, 2008 to 2023 states sustained, historically high levels of mining investment coupled with soaring production is poised to offset the dampening impact of rising costs and interest rates, delivering GDP growth of between 2.5 and 4.5% per annum over each of the next five years.
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