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Wireless current loop transmission

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20mA-RX radio receiver
Output: 0(4) - 20mA
Dimensions: 10cm x 6.5cm x 3cm
Power supply 7-28Vdc/ 50mA
Outputs: 4 optional
Tracks transmitter with the same ID-number

From Birrer Industries, features include:

·        Digital radio transmission of analogue 0(4)-20mA measured values
·        Frequency band: 868, 433 or 915 MHz FSK modulation (dependant on local regulations)
·        Unique channel ID for each radio transmitter
·        Radio transmission penetrates walls and metal racking
·        Range: 200m* (2000m optional)
·        Accuracy: 1/1000
·        Unlimited number of simultaneous radio links in any one location
·        Robust construction with internal antenna – wall or DIN rail mount
·        IP68 available, Ex proof on request
·        Available with 0-5V and 0-10V inputs
·        Relay unit to expand operating range
·        Radio receiver for GSM/GPRS transmission also available
·        Universal receiver - RS485/RS232 interface
·        licence-free and registration-free

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