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Biozone Scientific manufactures Photoplasma based solutions designed to reduce bacteria, viruses, mould spores, algae, VOC’s and odours in the air and on surfaces. These intelligent solutions are designed and proven to solve contamination problems in such places as washroom / hygiene facilities, ventilation systems, commercial vehicles, ice machines, refuse rooms, homes and offices plus many more.

Purifying Photoplasma provides a safe and hygienic work environment

The Biozone Air Purification systems use deeper patented UV lights to create PhotoPlamsa, Negative ions and Ozone to deliver a highly effective overall cleaning solution.
  • Biozone releases purifying plasma into indoor air to disinfect contaminates
  • Biozone disinfects and deodorises by removing unpleasant odour sources
  • Biozone reduces energy costs by requiring only minimal power to run effectively
PhotoPlasma actively attaches to chemical and organic contaminates
  • Effectively break down the Cell and DNA of bacteria, viruses and moulds
  • Biozone disinfects surface bacteria and viruses and leave a pleasant clean smell
  • Biozone can reach places no other cleaning technology can and continues 24/7
Ensure sensitive work areas are free from harmful bacteria
The Biozone range is ideal for application in a wide variety of settings including industrial and commercial facilities. The range includes:
  • Biozone AirCare for offices, public areas and washroom facilities
  • Biozone IceZone keeps ice machines free from slime, yeast and mould
  • Biozone InDuct destroys bacteria, mould and viruses in ventilation systems
  • Biozone PowerZone is designed for rapid problem cleaning
  • Biozone PR series provides clean and safe working environments
The impressive range of Air Purification Systems from Biozone Scientific provides an effective and safe method to controlling viruses, germs and bacteria in workplace settings. BioZone Scientific International information and contact details

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