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Synthetic paper made from stone is the latest product in the BioPak portfolio. This versatile material is not only a sustainable replacement for regular paper and board products, it can also be used on conventional equipment as a flow wrap film.  BioPaper synthetic paper is 100% tree free and is made from 80% powdered stone and 20% High density polyethylene used as a bonding agent, and offers the following features:

  • Synthetic paper is suitable for offset, relief, letterpress and screen printing techniques
  • High-resolution, high-color-saturation printing
  • Better ink efficiency (only 70-80% amount of ink needed compared to cellulose paper)
  • Synthetic paper is fire-retardant, burns more slowly & produces less fumes
  • More durable, tear- & insect-resistant similar to plastic-based solutions
Coating types available in the synthetic paper:
  • Double-side coated (RPD)
  • Single-side coated (RPS)
  • Non-coated (RPN, Not for directing printing)
The BioPaper synthetic paper production process is efficient: 1 ton of stone will produce 1 ton of paper. Compared to conventional paper, 4 tons of wood produce only 1 ton of paper. This environmentally safe alternative to traditional paper offers many benefits, including:
  • Energy Reduction- In comparison with the traditional paper manufacturing process, BioPaper does not require any water, strong industrial acids, bases, or bleach. There is neither the problem of waste water being discharged during production, nor the danger of releasing the pollutants into water streams.
  • Recyclable- When disposed of, BioPaper can be collected as regular plastic material. After being pulverized and re-extruded as granules, it can then be used as an additive for the processing of polyethylene (PE) plastic. Suitable re-use applications include plastic bags, flower pots, etc. Alternatively, if BioPaper is left outdoors after approximately 6 months of being exposed to the sunlight, it fragments, having less of an impact on the environment.
BioPaper synthetic paper is used in a variety of applications including frozen food packaging and the food industry; maps and charts; product tags and labels; horticultural tags; door hangers; posters; catalogues and brochures; menus; book cover and jackets; business cards; flow wrap an many more.

Specifications of BioPaper synthetic paper are as follows:

  • Sheet: 25x35", 28x40", 31x43", or your custom size
  • Web Roll: Up to 120cm wide and 6,000 running meters, 2/3/6/7 cm core

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