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BioPak custom pulp moulded packaging.

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BioPak now offers Australian and New Zealand business with a bespoke pulp moulding service. With our innovative design solutions and access to specific expertise in pulped products and tooling coupled with the ability to cater for customized production runs as small as 5000 units, this service promises to change the way that consumer and protective packaging is developed.


BioPak use post consumer recycled corrugate and post consumer waste paper as the main ingredient of their products.  They also work with bamboo pulps and have successfully made 100% bamboo pulp products and blended mixes of recycled corrugate and bamboo pulp. Their bamboo pulp comes from mills which source the bamboo from sustainable plantations.

BioPak work hard on ensuring their other inputs and processes are as sustainable as possible.


A basic input and abundantly available but nevertheless a resource which most facilities waste. Water is collected from the production facility roof and stored in tanks until it's required. This may not satisfy 100% of the water requirements (although water usage is still low), BioPak feel it is a strong step towards self sufficiency and sustainability.


After pulp has been moulded, it has to go through a drying process before it can be pressed into a finished product. Many factories use drying machines fuelled by coal or diesel. At the BioPak production facility, they opted for more open space so that they could use outdoor areas for natural drying.

Using recycled paper and recycled cardboard, BioPak pulp, mould and after-press the materials into new formats such as protective packaging, retail packaging and industrial packaging. They can even make finished consumer products.

By applying their moulded fiber technology to an innovative approach to packaging design, BioPak can help customers meet their sustainability targets, whilst enhancing their brand with a high end product.

Why Moulded Pulp?

Making the right environmental choices is something companies and consumers are now very focused on. All too often though progress in one area seems to come with sacrifice in another. BioPak works with our clients’ engineering, packaging and marketing teams to show that pulp moulding is the optimal choice in all areas:


  • pulp can be moulded to fit any shape
  • pulp packaging is highly versatile across a huge range of product sizes and types 
  • the tooling process is very quick and simple


  • pulp moulded products and packaging are highly durable
  • moulded fibre products are temperature resistant
  • They absorb vibration and impact effectively


  • material inputs are stable – no volatility around resin or corrugate prices
  • tooling is cost effective 
  • products are space efficient for shipping and warehousing


  • we can help you design retail packaging
  • packaging is easy to customise with shape, branding and high quality finishing
  • environmental credentials are brand enhancing


BioPak pulp moulding services is just one offering from the BioPak range of innovative biodegradable packaging products and systems. Their technical
specialists are available to help realise  ideas and aspirations.

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