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A more sustainable foam tray solution

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BioTray foamed trays, available from BioPak  are made from NatureWorks Ingeo PLA, a compostable biopolymer made from plants not oil. Production of NatureWorks biopolymer uses up to 60% less fossil fuel energy than traditional polystyrene. The total production cycle of this biopolymer, from plants to pellets, uses 50% less waterthan production of polystyrene. The foam trays are certified compostable to EN13432 (industrial compost). BioTray foam trays are the natural complement for fresh food, served in packages that respect the environment and are safe, cleanand functional.  

Feautures of the BioTray foamed trays:

  • Foam trays made with Ingeo biopolymer from NatureWorks LLC
  • From plants, a 100% annually renewable resource.
  • Not made from petroleum feedstock.
  • Because carbon dioxide is removed from air when plants are grown, the production of NatureWorks biopolymer emitsup to 75% less greenhouse gases compared to conventional hydrocarbon based polymers.
  • A positive impact on reducing global climate change.  

Better Disposal Options:

  • BioTray foam trays meet the ASTM-6400 «Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics»,intended to be composted in amunicipal or commercial facility operated in accordance with best composting management practices.
  • In a biologically active environment, the foam trays will return to nature’s carbon cycle.
  • As collection of compostable wastes develops, BioTray foam trays are a step in the right direction.
  • Foam trays are recyclable where facilities permit it.  

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