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Vibration monitoring of gas turbines in high temp environments

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Bestech Australia introduces a new range of piezoelectric accelerometers from Endevco designed for vibration monitoring of gas turbines in extremely high temperature environments.

Ideal for use with aircraft and ground-based gas turbines, the new Endevco 6243M1/M2 piezoelectric accelerometers can withstand temperatures up to 760°C under intermittent operation and up to 650°C under continuous operation (intermittent operation is defined as continuous exposure of 5 minutes over a 60-minute period).

Being compact and lightweight in design, the new accelerometer is perfect for installation in restricted and difficult-to-access areas.

The two accelerometers, 6243M1 and 6243M2 differ in terms of the location of their sensitive axis with reference to the mounting screw; while the 6243M1 is parallel, the 6243M2 is perpendicular. The sensors are hermetically sealed and designed to prevent pyroelectric and thermal velocity spikes.

Endevco’s new piezoelectric accelerometers come with a standard 120-inch integral hardline cable, modifiable to customer-specified lengths, while keeping in mind that the connector can only withstand a maximum temperature of 482°C; it is, therefore, important to select the appropriate length to prolong the sensor’s lifetime.

Key features of the Endevco 6243M1/M2 piezoelectric accelerometers also include sensitivity 5.5pC/g; frequency response 50hZ to 3000hZ; mass 30grams, excluding cable; and 5% transverse sensitivity.

Bestech Australia distributes the full range of Endevco products in Australia and New Zealand. Please consult with in-house product specialists and experienced application engineers for assistance with any vibration measurement applications.

For more information, please visit the Bestech Australia website https://www.bestech.com.au/piezoelectric or call 03 9540 5100.

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