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Bestech Australia  offers Seal Tick TSE2032 underwater vacuum leak testers designed to check food and pharmaceutical packages for leaks, quality loss or product damage.

Manufactured and distributed by Bestech Australia, the bench mounted Seal Tick TSE2032 package leak testers are ideal for use in quality control laboratories to detect production line sealing equipment faults as well as to remedy various sealing problems before production starts, or for routine sample checks.

The TSE2032 package leak tester enables detection of even minute leaks caused by pin holes and imperfect seals from any part of the package because the water tank or test chamber is constructed from clear acrylic. An ‘O’ ring embedded in the lid of the test chamber lid ensures that the chamber is fully sealed during the test cycle and also minimises damage due to wear and tear.

Testing is done by placing the package in the test chamber of the TSE2032 leak tester, following which the lid with an integral perforated grid is manually lowered. The package to be tested is then fully submersed. The operator turns the compressed air valve on via a lever on the side, which causes a partial vacuum to be drawn in the atmosphere above the water.

As the vacuum reaches a preset level, typically -50 kPa (-7.5 psi), the package swells and air within the package is drawn out through pin holes that may exist, causing a stream of bubbles to rise to the top of the water. The grid attached to the lid enables all bubbles escaping from the top side of the package to be clearly visible from the top of the leak tester.

The pressure regulator that controls the air pressure applied to the static vacuum generator is located conveniently on the side of the unit while the vacuum generator is fitted to the lid of the test chamber. A long life battery operated digital manometer enables the operator to monitor the vacuum in the chamber throughout the test cycle.

Compressed air is the only external supply needed for the TSE2032 package leak tester. No external voltage, either mains or low voltage is required. While a cylinder of compressed air may be adequate for occasional testing, a gas strut attached to the lid reduces operator fatigue during frequent use.

Bestech Australia provides complete pre- and after-sales service for the Seal Tick TSE2032 bench mounted underwater vacuum leak testers.

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